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ANTHROPOS is Applied anthropology association in Lithuania. We use anthropological focus and research as a tool to enrich private and public sectors’ development processes. Our contribution consists of deeply understood human perspective, learned empathy towards us/others, collectively constructed impact towards more inclusive world.


we offer


Our qualitative research services will bring you fresh and in-depth knowledge about people, places and problems at hand. Qualitative research moves beyond simple „yes“ or „no“ answers. It tracks down real behavior and motivations of the people and allows us to see the world as it is, rather than, as we imagine it to be. We believe that discovering what people really think and do can bring smarter and creative solutions to both public and business challenges. By applying data collection methods like participant observation, in-depth interview, focus group discussion we will give deep, multivocal and well-rounded answers to your most complex questions.


At the core of our philosophy and research services is ethnography – anthropological research method characterized by direct and close observation of people and their lives. Unlike other methods, it is more than simply asking people questions. It is an active participation in their lives and environment seeking to understand rationale underneath each social phenomena or interaction. It moves beyond knowledge what people say they do, and shows us what people really do. In our fast changing world this subtle difference can be a game changer which leads from simply good to great solutions.


In the fast changing world we anticipate that it is enormously important to look into the data with the human centric and qualitative insight. It is also pertinent to grasp the most recent academic research discoveries and results closer to our clients in the most meaningful way. We will help you to stop there in the moment and with the proper insight make the right decision or choose the right path. For our analysis we are use various tools and methods, such as creating hierarchical trees of categories from various qualitative data sources (interviews, focus groups, ethnography, images, sounds and video material), qualitative content analysis, comparative analysis, text analysis. we have the skills to bring statistical data on board, but qualitative data has this extra add on feature which brings the possibility to interpret the data in broader spectrum.