Anthropological insights based organization, which helps to understand human behaviour, motivations and systematic relations in order to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible society and solutions of various sectors.

Activities and Services

We work in several different areas: (i)we conduct applied research, (ii)implement projects and seminars in the field of education, where we strive for a more ethical representation of social and cultural groups, and cultural sensitivity. (iii)We also organize workshops on anthropological topics for all age groups, (iv)advocate and promote applied anthropology by organizing conferences "Anthropology Day" and international cooperation projects such as "Social Sciences for Social Action" in the three Baltic States.

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Research and Analyses

  • •We conduct research using qualitative research methods (ethnographic) based on observations, interview methods, and focus groups;
  • •We conduct opportunity studies: we study the situation and suggest informed ways to choose the solutions;
  • •We conduct various evaluations (e.g. projects) by creating questionnaires, doing data analysis.
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Training and Consultaion


Our Annual Reports

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Our Team

The academic and anthropological interests and practices of our team members are diverse and are reflected in the projects we undertake. Get to know the members of our team and their areas of interest.

Ugnė is researcher and educator in “Anthropos”. She does anthropology both in applied field, and academia as PhD candidate (VU). Her main field of interests are indigenous movements, identity politics, coloniality and decolonization.

Ugnė Starkutė

Kornelija's fields of interest and research are social and cultural dimensions of food, food policy, social inequality and exclusion, NGO and third sector policy. Kornelija is also intrested in education and currently is working in school, organizes and conducts anthropology workshops about food, climate crisis, decolonization, and other topics.

Kornelija Čepytė

Dovilė is a designer who is inniatiting and applying design process in various social areas for the framing and solving of various types of challenges. Participatory and performative aspects of cultural field and their social impact are the main areas of her research and practice. Working with and leading multidisciplinary teams is her strenght.

Dovilė Gaižauskienė

Daina is interested in communities, social movements, climate crisis, affect, power and imaginaries. She addresses these questions through her research in the field of anthropology, as well as in her sound and performance art, teaching and curatorial practices.

Daina Pupkevičiūtė

Renida is a researcher and educator in "Anthropos as well as a PhD candidate in sociology and lecturer in Vytautas Magnus University. Her fields of interests are body, gender and art. Besides that she also works with theatre organisations "Teatronas" and organizes annual contemporary circus festival "Cirkuliacija".

Renida Baltrušaitytė

Giedrius is interested in migration and a sense of belonging within migrant communities, also nostalgia as a phenomenon that manifests in collective and personal domains alike. Giedrius is a final-year undergraduate in Social Anthropology at Massey University (New Zealand).

Giedrius Jankauskas


Fieldwork Notes

[LT] Energija, kurią išmetame: maistas ir klimato kaita

Visi šioje planetoje valgome, tačiau kaip gauname maistą, ką laikome maistu ir kaip jį vartojame skiriasi bei keitėsi per istoriją. Per maistą atsiskleidžia socialiniai, kultūriniai ir ekonominiai kontekstai, o kalbėdami apie maisto produkciją galime suprasti, ką kiekvieno mūsų pasirinkimai reiškia ekosistemai ir kokią reikšmę turi klimato kaitai.


[LT] Mokslas, kuris tiria ar/ir daro pokytį?

Ar tikrai tyrėjų vieta apsiriboja vien universitetu? Juk socialinių mokslų žinias galima pritaikyti ir paversti ir konkrečiais veiksmais. Kaip ne tik tirti, bet ir kurti pokytį visuomenėje, pritaikant akademijoje sukauptas žinias?


Let's Not Waste Food!

International Baltis-Nordic research project which had the aim to team up with young people (aged 18-26) and identify situations and areas where food waste is generated, and to find ways for all stakeholders to help young households waste less food.



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