Ethnography based research NGO, which helps to see deeper human behaviour insights, motivations and systematic relations in order to provide solutions for public and private sectors.

Our Services

Anthropos is Organization of Applied Anthropology in Lithuania (NGO), while acting as intermediary between academia and society, our main fields of activity are science communication, education, applied research and social initiatives. In this way, our organization seeks to improve and manage social change towards a sustainable, tolerant and socially responsible society.

Qualitative Research

Fresh and in-depth knowledge about people, places and problems. Beyond simple „yes“ or „no“ answers. Allows us to see the world as it is, rather than, as we imagine it to be.


Direct and close observation of people and their lives. It moves beyond knowledge what people say they do, and shows us what people really do.

Data Analysis

Looking into the data with the human centric and qualitative insight. It is also pertinent to grasp the most recent academic research discoveries and bring results closer to our clients in the most meaningful way.


Ethnography and true example based presentations. No lenghty reports. Academic research translated into understandible and simple to use information.

Science Communication

Workshops and educational seminars for different age groups, companies, events.

Social projects

Organisation and realisation of socially responsible projects for public, private and NGO sectors. Sociocultural context reasearch based approach.

Our Portfolio

I find anthropology is a marvellous discipline to shock me out of my own world into another world.

Our Team

Anthropos team is actively involved in research, educational and other project-based activities on national and international levels. It has been working in the various fields: from migration, food, third sector, social policy to product development research. We also orgnise workshops and trainings for variety of themes and interest groups.

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